WTF DAO: The Genesis Drop

Over the last 8 months NFTs.WTF has been on a mission to realize an independent community-owned media platform to showcase innovation and diversity across NFTs, in all their media formats and use cases. We’ve attempted to do that in as decentralized of a manner as possible, via an initial DAO of 50 members the list of which can be found here. We knew this would be a disadvantage in the beginning, but over time would allow us to develop something really special with unstoppable momentum.  


We are happy to say we’ve added several more members to the DAO by invite-only, improving its diversity of thought and background through a sponsor program. And we are now opening up our WHITELIST for the remaining 46 members through the sale of a Genesis NFT. This NFT serves as both a key for holders to participate in the DAO, inform its governance and coverage, but also acts as a transferable digital subscription to monthly drops of collectible multi-media moments.

Our Mission:
Capture both NFTs’ key past and future moments while celebrating the full spectrum of innovation that is driving the community and medium forward. The stuff no other media would cover- at least not to the degree it deserves. 

And we’ve been really excited to see other brilliant new media who we believe share in this mission succeed too from NFT.NOW to Red Lion News. It is a group sport called WAGMI.

Progress to Date

We built a website, developed a brand identity with an iconic logo and appointed an editorial team, drawn from the rich community, to both curate community submissions (now publishing over 30 contributors) as well as produce our own regular articles and weekly newsletter from a core team of retained writers to be consistent in tone and style. In aggregate producing over 200 articles discussing gaming, fashion, music, art, collectibles, the Metaverse and beyond.


We even appointed a historian HarryBTC and archivist PrimalKolor to build a library of content and news to bring to life as we roll out an increasing range of media formats and the DAO elected an Advisory Team to support and hold to account the editorial team, informing the strategic and creative direction as we expand our activities into both physical and virtual events, already co-hosting several AMAs on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, and soon, an invite-only launch party at NFT.NYC in November.

Moxarra NFTs WTF

Despite our Twitter account getting hacked, we’ve been steadily growing our social media reach and new moments as they happen with the help of a social media manager and the amazing Moxarra and their amazing daily (2/2) GM Art, one of which gets put in the DAO Vault for posterity. 


We’ve recorded over 100 hours of interviews with the industry’s leading founders which will be released as a 3-part, 3-hour audio documentary first to Genesis Holders, who each receives 5 private links to share with their friends. Some have been released as standalone Podcasts alongside new monthly recordings with teams like Flufs including giveaways. 


As we have geared up to release the Genesis NFT Drop to existing members, we have incorporated numerous best practices to limit the liability of DAO members and to comply with laws around token issuance. 


Consider Joining!

Membership in the WTF DAO will make you one of 100 industry-shaping thought leaders working together to build the future of decentralized media. 


  • Join the advisory board of a cutting edge independent NFT media outlet
  • Join a group comprised of some of the most respected members of the NFT space, including XCopy, J1mmy Eth, Sillytuna, Bryan Brinkman, and dozens more 
  • Includes a 1/100 Genesis Artwork by Acclaimed NFT artist Mr. Y and an Award-winning sound designer
  • Monthly airdrops by different commissioned artists commemorating key NFT moments
  • Gain access to top virtual and IRL NFT events around the world
  • And MORE!




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