WTF Dao Advisory Nominees

The role of the Advisory Committee is to elect, support, guide and hold accountable the WTF Editorial Staff on behalf of the DAO and wider dzine subscribers to make sure they effectively represent and help mainstream the NFT ecosystem, whilst platforming its creators and innovators and celebrating its diverse subcultures through an authentic, uncompromising voice.

There are currently 14 nominees up for a vote. Here is a little background on each nominee. This is not an exhaustive list of accomplishments for each member, and should only serve as a starting place to understanding who you are voting for. 

The nominees will appear in no particular order below. 

Sparrow Dada

Sparrow is an OG NFT artist who cares about what she is leaving behind.

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Jin is a Metaverse builder working on a Multiplatform Internet MMO built with NFTs currently in Early Access.

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Joon has been building internet communities since 2002 and is president of the Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers.

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Jimmy is the founder/CEO of NFT42, building  Avastars and the Tokensmart community. A forward-thinking advocate for doing as much on-chain as possible.

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Priyanka is VP of operations at Open Law, engaged with multiple Daos like Flamingo Dao, Neptune Dao, and SeedClub. She has also volunteered for the legal advisory working group for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

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Kai is the founder of Meebits Dao. NFT obsessed since 2017,  Emerging Experiences @ Netflix currently.

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Rhian Lewis

Rhian is the author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution. Ruby Developer, Co-developer of altcoin portfolio tracker CountMyCrypto. Co-host London Bitcoin Women.

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Aleksandra is the co-founder of Electric Artefacts, an agency and curatorial advisory for digital art as well as the director of partnerships at .ART and the very first contributor at

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Bryan Brinkman

Bryan is an Award-winning multi-media artist who utilizes his career in animation and motion graphics to bring fun and playfulness to his creations.

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Richard Kim

Richard is a General Partner at Galaxy Interactive and a Managing Director at Galaxy Digital.

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Gabby Dizon

Gabby is the Co-founder of Yield Guild Games and fund manager at Nifty Fund.

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Piers Kicks

Piers is a Senior Associate at BITKRAFT and a Venture Partner at Delphi Digital. Piers is also a prolific gamer who reached Top 100 status in Rainbox Six Siege and earned his first Bitcoin at the age of 13 years old.

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Jeff is the Co-Founder of Axie Infinity is one of the highest grossing-grossing blockchain games of all time.

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Marjorie is based in Berlin, co-founder of LUKSO blockchain focusing on the new creative economies & co-founder of The Dematerialised, a digital fashion web3 marketplace.

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