What to Look Out For During Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week

As the concept of the metaverse continues to advance in our incredibly globalized world, companies and brands are beginning to reflect on how they can bring their products and services to wider customer segments virtually. Fashion companies are beginning to think about the implications of the metaverse on the industry and how customers can consume fashion from behind a screen. This is where Decentraland Foundation presents the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week. Starting on March 24th and running through to the 27th, the fashion week will be a 4-day event consisting of art exhibitions, film festivals, panels and opportunities to buy some of your own virtual clothing via an Ethereum wallet. This historical event is an opportunity for users and brands to interact with one another in an entirely new way, breaking boundaries of what was previously a barrier between companies and consumers. If you plan on attending this historical event, here are some places and events to look forward to during Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week.


UNXD High Fashion Area: UNXD is a digital luxury marketplace built on the polygon blockchain network. They are responsible for hosting the Italian haute couture brand, Dolce & Gabbana’s first NFT clothing collection. UNXD will be hosting a high fashion area where there will be catwalks, prestigious after parties, and pop-up shops. Users will also be able to purchase clothing via their virtual avatar. Most excitingly, UNXD will be closing fashion week with the digital couture brand, Auroboros with celebrity musician, Grimes!



Boson Protocol Shopping Street: Boson Protocol, is a company dedicated to enabling the sale of experiences, services and physical goods in the Metaverse as NFTs as they hope to provide a framework for exchanging assets of non-monetary value. Boson Protocol built an incredible marketplace that enables the sale of digital-to-physical garments as NFTs from prestigious brands. The space itself will host panel discussions from fashion experts, analysts, and entrepreneurs from all across the NFT and virtual space. Discussions will be centred around the value of decentralized commerce in the future of mainstream digital fashion. Brands to be displayed include Tommy Hilfiger, WYLD FLWR, Christine Massarany, DeadFellaz, PHYGICODETM x Rubin Singer,8SIAN and many more.



Cashlabs Gallery: David Cash, founder and CEO of Cashlabs and editor in chief of NFTS.WTF has curated an immersive gallery that will act as a virtual fashion sculpture garden. Inspired by the architecture and layout of the Musse d’Orsay in Paris, France. There will be a mixture of standalone dressed avatars and floating garments as well as pieces of jewelry, footwear, and other accessories displayed on beautiful pedestals. In line with Decentaland’s goals to bridge the metaverse and the internet, all art will link to either websites or NFTs!



Show Studio Film Festival: A powerhouse in the fashion film industry, Show Studio, in collaboration with Cash Labs, will be presenting 20 fashion films. During Fashion week they will display 5 films a day as an ongoing Fashion Film Festival that will run just outside of the Cash Labs gallery throughout the fashion week. Each day will be themed and will feature 5 films that will be repeating throughout the day changing every day during the 4-day event.



Rarible Shopping Street: Rarible, the platform that allows artists and content creators to issue their work as crypto assets, is sponsoring the new Designers Street. The Rarible Fresh Drip Zone will be an area for emerging and digital designers. This will include Artisant, Fabeeo Breen, Artcade & Fred Segal with exclusive drops, alongside Atari Hotels & Subnation, Fresh Couture, Girl Gang, Perry Ellis, Placebo, The Fabricant, Charli Cohen, with portals to the existing headquarters of DRESSX, Auroboros, XR Couture and Tribute Brand



Kolektiff Runway: The Metaloop by Kollectiff , the platform that creates NFTS and is responsible for bringing brands into the metaverse, will feature a catwalk that brings to life runway shows in collaboration with DRESSX, Kid Super, Cider, 8SIAN, The Rebels, Christine Massarany, Anrealage, Phygicode, WYLD FLWR, The Immersive Kind and Placebo.


Decentraland Foundation is trying to move towards a virtual world that allows users to control their own data and have sovereignty over their own character. As Decentraland begins to take more steps with regards to creating a more immersive space for its users, the fashion week will upholster the idea of the metaverse is a more immersive version of the internet. Sign up for Decentraland for free and join the Metaverse Fashion Week to see what’s possible in the fashion industry beyond the physical world. 

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