VenVuu Brings Ads to the Metaverse with Dynamic NFTs

In the spirit of being super “meta” we wanted to kick out an advertorial about ads in the Metaverse. The Metaverse is emerging as a new frontier, fertile with opportunities and new layers of interactive experiences. Some say it is the future for website interfaces and that with time the traditional 2d website will be replaced with 3D experiences that deliver our information, shopping, virtual doctors appointments, etc.. 

We keep hearing “it’s still early”, we are watching blockchain technology and adoption empower a wave of virtual land purchases. The rise of digital fashion and wearable NFTs industry, together with blockchain, and entertainment inside the Metaverse are the most recent tool kits being employed for brand expansion.   

Popularity of events in the Metaverse is increasing. With the most recent success of Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week and their global news coverage getting an estimated 1 Billion impressions, it is becoming clear that more people than ever are turning their attention to new possibilities and participation.

As we watch larger players join the ranks of Web3 Metaverse builders, our conversation seems to immediately head to topics of data ownership, monetization, and integration of blockchain. Some companies are already rolling out solutions with the value proposition that these tools/platforms allow users to “own their own data”. 


There are two perspectives on the advertising metaverse opportunity. To begin with, it’s another channel in your marketing mix, similar to having a branded mobile app, Google banner advertisements, an analytics-enabled website, and a social media presence (both organic and sponsored).

The metaverse, too, will have its own distinct ad forms, complete with marketing attribution, allowing advertisers to track visits and invest wisely.

Second, the metaverse might be seen as a new storytelling medium. You can have immersive ad experiences that tell the brand story in addition to typical advertising that appears on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites.” + From the VenVuu Whitepaper

VenVuu is a company driving innovation at the intersection of ads, NFTs, and the Metaverse. They have taken a different stance, developing Dynamic NFTs as the means of bringing advertising opportunities to virtual land owners and web3 enthusiasts. 

Owners of a VenVuu Dynamic NFT will also be granted access to a dashboard that allows control over the ads connected to the Dynamic NFT, affording holders to benefit from ad revenue by being connected to an established network of metaland-owners and advertisers.

“VenVuu NFT enables any Metaverse parcel owner to link their ad spots with the VenVuu protocol without requiring  prior knowledge of media or coding. Those who want to track their advertising performance can create a VenVuu account and receive real-time campaign data in an easy-to-export format, including revenue, clicks, views, CPM, CPA, and other metrics.

Owners can alter ad sizes, placements, and takedown ads they find unsuitable at any time, helping to improve Metaverse advertising.” + From the VenVuu Whitepaper

To put it in proportion, global advertising spending in 2021 reached $689B and the forecast data indicates that the ad spending worldwide will reach $850B by the end of 2024. Ad platforms like VenVuu will be bringing a portion of that ad spend directly to the Metaverse. 

The VenVuu Dynamic NFT mint goes live Monday May 9th. Their upcoming NFT drop provides immediate opportunities for web 3 savvy individuals and agencies to generate ad revenue and more importantly empowering  web3 marketing for projects, platforms, event producers and creators by giving them a means to inform and reach others of similar mind.  Worthy of note is that what VenVuu is building is Metaverse agnostic, with the Dynamic NFT being interoperable with various metaverses. Their payment system allows users to cash out in multiple crypto currencies and even fiat.

The way we connect with brands will be completely transformed by the Metaverse, from data privacy/ownership to new ways of learning and being entertained… Especially true as it enhances the way people can connect and build human relationships. The applications and forms may evolve with time and technology, but at its essence the simple act of broadcasting a message digitally can be a profound exchange when paired with intentional design that fosters meaningful experiences. 

THIS ARTICLE IS AN ADVERTORIAL; VenVuu is both owned and operated by DatChat, Inc., and developed using its patented DRM and encryption technology. (Nasdaq:DATS)

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