The Wild Life of Altcoins

The global cryptocurrency market is estimated to surpass USD $3,474.31 million by 2030, yet one of the original founders of Ethereum predicted that as much as 90% of altcoins will die out in the near future. If Charles Hoskinson‘s outlook on one of the best-performing asset classes of 2021 is accurate, investors are going to need more than luck to survive. 


Crypto ventures are an extreme volatility risk, yet price swings present an opportunity to profit if one can identify emerging patterns and quickly move in and out of liquidity positions.  Gut instinct and intuition aren’t as important as knowing what type of trader you are, because committing to fundamental investment strategies may be the only peace of mind you’ll ever have. For product designer and Crypto Wildlife Collective Founder, Nick Dazé, who fell into tokenomics after surviving a near-fatal motorcycle crash, his lucky streak for picking winning altcoins is no accident.



“It’s something that I call the statistical advantage,” says Dazé, who broke his neck, collarbone, and ribs in a motorbike accident. “It’s not luck, it’s hard work,” he said. With nothing but time on his hands to heal and recover from his numerous injuries, Dazé’s process of analysis paid off with early 2021 investments in Dogecoin, Safemoon, Bezoge, and Solana. These early crypto gains were the windfall of seed capital for Dazé to embark on a new career with a new trade. “Every time we learn how to vet these investments a little bit better, we’re shifting the statistical advantage a little bit more in our favour,” Dazé explained. “I can quickly look at a brand new project and tell if it’s going to be worth investing in within 90 seconds,” Dazé emphasizes. “The people that come into this space and start trading crypto that doesn’t put the time into it and doesn’t research what they’re getting into and don’t go through our checklist, they get wrecked because they don’t know why they’re even buying it,” Dazé said. “I’ve been wrecked before too–which is why we developed the checklist for everyone to reference.” The TQ Checklist is available at and Tiger Queen’s discord as a free resource for its community members. 



Year of the Tiger


Tiger Queen is the first altcoin and NFT project by the Crypto Wildlife Collective, a tokenized community and marketplace that unites Dazé’s passion for animal safety, tokenomics, and DeFi education for all. With its focus on protection, exposure, and fundraising for the world’s wildlife, TQueen was launched with the support of animal rights activist Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue near Tampa, Florida. 


The Tiger Queen NFT collection, which is scheduled to drop next month, features each of Baskin’s 56 cats as unique 1-of-1 NFTs, and 250 generative avatars of each of the 56 tigers, for a total of 14,000 NFTs. Each 1-of-1 provides a 10% return from each of its 250 avatars for passive income as they sell out. A portion of each NFT sale as well as residuals from secondary sales are donated for the care and protection of each tiger, which has been estimated to feed one of Carole Baskin’s big cats for an entire calendar year.



Dazé relies on a grassroots approach to the collective by encouraging community members to contribute and influence the decisions the community makes. “Everything is community-nominated and voted on: the animals that become NFTs, the percentage of proceeds, and the charities connected to the animal rescues,” Dazé said. 


Another project Dazé is involved with,  the Crypto Pills, boosted his crypto credibility when he was entrusted with over $100K of community funds to secure NFTs for an extensive list of collectors during the epic pre-sale minting period. “Your social community is everything in the crypto space,” Dazé said. “If I were to lose the community, I would lose my biggest leg up in crypto.” Dazé runs a clubhouse radio station, which cross-pollinates his TQ community and Crypto Pills communities. “It’s who you know, and the community you build,” Dazé said. It was in the Crypto Pills community on Clubhouse where Dazé and Carole Baskin first met. 


Tiger King was huge,” Dazé recalled. “I trade on social indicators,” he said. Having worked in sales and marketing all his life, Dazé knows a lot about meme culture. “There are so many coins out there doing the exact same thing. You really have to think of something new and unique,” Dazé said. “If it’s already out there in the world, people buy it. Market cap goes up,” he said. 


Crypto for a Cause


Initially conceived as the Carole Baskin coin, legal concerns prevented Baskin herself from entertaining Dazé’s offer to launch a coin with her namesake. Yet Dazé didn’t need Baskin’s permission; anyone can name an altcoin anything they want. “I knew I wanted to make a charity token, so I kept plugging away,” Dazé said. Crypto Wildlife Collective is wildlife charities taking back control from mismanagement with accountability on the blockchain. Everything’s transparent. We only donate cryptocurrency. I provide transaction hashes for everything,” Dazé said.



To eventually earn Carole Baskin’s support, Dazé launched TQueen with a commitment to donate whether Carole Baskin participated or not. “I focused on my community because I didn’t want to push the coin to the wrong people who didn’t understand our core mission,” Dazé said. With the support of his crypto community, the Tiger Queen coin was launched on November 16, 2021. Dazé’s tokenomics included a moonbag to collect 2.5% from each transaction into a fund that invests in other altcoins and rewards holders with payouts. TQueen quickly rose to a $4 million market cap, with an all-time high of 4.6 million. Thus far, donations have already been made to Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue, Reflections of Trinity and SOSO World Ministries, as voted on by the Tiger Queen community. All charitable recipients must receive donations in Ethereum. “If an organization isn’t equipped, I’m more than willing to have a call with their CFO and walk them through how to set up a trust wallet, and they can deal with their bank after that,” Dazé said. 



Before launching the Tiger Queen coin, Dazé hired three different developers, and each time, their contract failed to pass his auditing and vetting process. Once he finally found a solidity developer that met his expectations, Dazé employed a launch coordinator and a couple of other people to ensure that his startup was successful without any technical hiccups. Dazé now has two solidity developers on his team for future launches. “I’m definitely not the most super technical guy in the world, but I’ve got some amazing tokenomics, and these guys bring everything to life,” Dazé said. 


Dazé’s outlook on altcoins is evolving just like his new mission on the blockchain, and out in the wild. “It used to be all social indicators, but now, we’ve got a lot of investors really looking for solid content and really solid ideas,” Dazé said. “For coins and recognition, you want that notoriety, that meme factor, but when you’re trying to change the world, it’s more than a name.” 


If 90% of altcoins ultimately die out like Hoskinson predicts, Dazé’s hard work may be all the luck he needs.

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