The media coverage of NFTs is fucked.

Sensationalist. Reductionist. Dismissive. 

NFTs WTF is a decentralized e-zine; a monthly magazine and daily news site dedicated to NFTs WTF moments.  

Thoughtfully put together by a collective of like-minded people committed to the community of innovative artists. We felt compelled to create a platform that allows the expression of the full technicolour story. 

We are community owned and operated largely ‘onchain’ but by meat. 

Our goal is to celebrate weird degen kulture and the innovators pushing it forward across not just art but music, fashion, gaming and collectibles.. but still help normies figure out what’s what and cut through the bullshit.

We are a no ad environment. We are self-financed entirely through NFTs, hoping we can prove that publishing and media can reinvent.

Each month we will curate the most important moments and turn it into a beautiful time capsule, which we sell as a 1,000 edition NFT series. 

The proceeds get split between the contributors and core editorial staff.

If no one buys them, we will burn them and likely fire a few people, because they suck. Jk. 

We aren’t perfect; we are still figuring a lot of stuff out, but we will try to put forth diversity of thought, background and opinion through our content. Not because of the NFT hype, but because it’s fucking interesting. 

We hope you enjoy. 

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