Tomorrow, on June 17th, Unstoppable domains will be launching the next phase of their incredible crypto-centric domain offerings.  The team is “excited to announce the upcoming launch of 8 NEW blockchain domain registries which will be made available for pre-sale starting” tomorrow! These include: .x, .wallet, .nft, .blockchain, .bitcoin, .888, .dao, and .coin. 

Unstoppable Domains Airdrop
Unstoppable Domains Airdrop


Being an owner of more than one unstoppable domain, this is very exciting news for me! Imagine the possibility of replacing your wallet’s public key with simply “yourname.wallet” – how easy would that be! Not to mention all of the industry-specific alternative options which seem to perfectly cater to the current framework of the space. Allocating specific URLs for DAOs, NFT creators, Bitcoin Maximalists, 888 (for those who believe in luck), and more! 

At the moment the site only offers two domain types: .crypto and .zil – which have become extremely popular in the space.  Their biggest selling feature is the fact that, unlike traditional domains, once you purchase an unstoppable domain you own it for life.  According to the unstoppable team: “Blockchain domains are owned not rented.”  When someone buys “the domain with a one time registration fee” they never have to “worry about renewals again.”  For those of us who own several domains through industry leaders like GoDaddy and NameCheap, and pay increasing annual fees – this is extremely attractive.  Furthermore, once purchased your “domain is stored in your wallet, just like a cryptocurrency.” And cannot be manipulated or forwarded by anyone but its owner.  

Many folks in the space have stopped sending out their confusing long string wallet ID, opting instead to use their easy to remember .crypto unstoppable domain that they connected to route assets to their crypto wallets. This feature is what makes these new domain options attractive; users can buy multiple types and choose to connect each one to a different wallet designated for specific web 3 activities.  Having a .nft for your NFTs, a .bitcoin for your bitcoin wallet, and a .wallet for your Metamask could be what the future might look like for some of us.  

Furthermore, to make their launch even more exciting, Unstoppable domains is also initiating a $100 Million Airdrop giveaway incentive in tandem with the launch of their eight new domains.  According to their team, as a reward for early adopters of their domains, they “will be Airdropping over $100+ Million worth of promo credits to customers at launch – giving $3 in promo credits for every $1 spent on domain purchases at including past purchases.”  For anyone familiar with this site, I have good news for you.  If you have ever bought a $40 domain through Unstoppable: “congratulations you will receive $120 in promo credits.”  Furthermore, those who took the plunge and purchased premium domains for $100k, are now eligible for up to $300k in free domains!

Feeling the FOMO yet?  Well you’re in luck.  If you happen to be reading this article on the day of it’s release (Wednesday, June 16th) then you are still eligible to buy a domain here and participate in this historic airdrop!  I for one will be purchasing several domains with my free cash and can’t wait to start allocating and simplifying my crypto keys and websites.

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