Refik Anadol’s NFT Inspired by Data from Inspiration4 Mission Drops on April 7th

Acclaimed digital creator Refik Anadol is quite literally taking his art to new heights. Anadol is dropping “An Important Memory For Humanity,” a collection of NFTs based on human data from the all civilian space mission, Inspiration4. The collection of captivating digital sculptures results from a collaboration with the NASA-funded Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH). TRISH gave Anadol access to data points from experiments conducted on the Inspiration4 mission, testing space travel effects on the human body. 



And Anadol is putting an innovative spin on these data points, creating moving sculptures exploring the depths of the human function in this exploratory state, including heartbeat, ultrasound findings, telemetry, and more. In addition, the work is given even more depth by using vehicle data and audio and video recordings gathered from the celestial journey. 

Anadol is taking his digital creations to new heights by using real human data from the four civilian members of the 2021 space mission to create breathtaking art. 

The collection will be a series of limited edition NTF art pieces sold to the public in partnership with Manifold Studios starting April 10. This groundbreaking work is a collaboration with creative agency //CreativeWorkStudios, who helped put the project together and bring this exciting work into the NFT space. The minting will include ultrasound data structures available at 2 ETH each, Telemetry data paintings, and heartbeat data sculptures which will start at .1eth. 

Anadol’s large following of fans is already abuzz with this big collection. According to the artist’s discord channel, the artist is allowing access to his strong and highly engaged community of exciting collectors to get early access to the collection starting April 7. 

This unprecedented interaction of art, science, and technology pushes digital art into new and exciting frontiers. 



About Anadol


For an artist deeply exploring the connection between machines and human interaction, adding this complex layer of scientific human experiential data is a welcome new extension of his process. 

Known for his utterly mesmerizing 3D videos, AI data sculptures, live audio and visual performances, and immersive installations, the Turkish-American artist, is lauded for his unabashed motivation to blaze trails within the art industry. He is a champion at the forefront of media arts as they relate to architecture, machine intelligence, and neuroscience. 

His thoughtfully created works redefine the aesthetics of data and machine intelligence and change the way they are created, appreciated, and collected. 

Known for works in museums and public art installations all over the world, Anadol is a widely popular artist in the NFT space. His recent collection, Machine Hallucinations, has traded over 190 ETH in volume.



Celebrating The Human Experience with Digital Art


The human experience is celebrated in a way that has never been done before. This new lens of using data to create art will no doubt inspire creators to push the boundaries with information of this kind. 

Like the Inspiration4 mission, a collaboration between SpaceX and billionaire Jared Isaacman to raise funds for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital furthered “a new era for human spaceflight and exploration.” This NFT collection only furthers that spirit of pioneering new frontiers not only in science but in art, and all the possibilities in between.

And the blockchain is majorly reaping the benefits of this unprecedented journey.

In fact, thirty percent of all NFT sales will be donated to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in the US, which has a particular focus on cancer.

The artworks are available for sale to the public from April 10. People can pre-register and get updates by visiting

Along with the celestial data inspiring the work, the groundbreaking NFT collection is expected to shoot to the moon and beyond. 


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