Quentin Tarantino Entices SuperFans With Pulp Fiction NFTs Containing Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Quentin Tarantino surprised and delighted quite a few people with his Tuesday announcement at NFT.NYC that he would be auctioning NFTs based on scenes from the original Pulp Fiction script. The announcement, which can be seen in an attendee video included below, feels geared to Tarantino superfans with its insider take on the original script illuminated by personal anecdotes. The concept of ‘Secret NFTs,’ with which Tarantino seems quite taken, adds another layer to the upcoming drops.


The Tarantino announcement at NFT.NYC was a big success as a promo event for multiple reasons beyond the impact of a drop from a major creator.


It was unexpected, which was fun:



And it captured superfans:




The official announcement explains that the NFTs will each be a “unique, never-before-seen, public-facing work of art” minted as Secret NFTs from Secret Network. These NFTs include “7 uncut Pulp Fiction Scenes” and “exclusive custom commentary from Tarantino” as unlockable or “secret” content.


The secrets of Secret Network are multilayered. Secret NFTs allow for maintaining the privacy of metadata, sales info, and ownership. They include unlockable content that is initially only viewable by the owner. Then their secrets can be kept to themselves or revealed to others.


As described on the Tarantino NFTs website:


“The privileged person who will purchase one of these few and rare NFTs will get a hold of those secrets and a glimpse into the mind and the creative process of Quentin Tarantino. The owner will enjoy the freedom of choosing one of these options:


  1. Keeping the secrets to himself for eternity
  2. Sharing the secrets with a few trusted loved ones
  3. Sharing the secrets publicly with the world”


Tarantino paraphrases this description in his own words during the announcement below and one gets a sense that he is genuinely enthusiastic about this approach to secret content.




Quentin Tarantino Announcing Tarantino NFTs at NFT.NYC


Tarantino further described the hidden content in his surprise appearance at NFT.NYC:


“We have taken seven scenes from the original Pulp Fiction manuscript. We’ve taken the original pages. Digitized the original pages. And they’re full of dialogue that was changed, new stuff, stuff that I dropped later.”


“It’s written by me with all the good and the bad that comes with that. All the misspellings, all the weird doodles. Notes to myself. It’s all there.”


“In about a month we’re going to offer up the first scene. And we’re going to do it as an auction.”


At 6:48, Tarantino discusses what drew him into NFTs, being able to keep the original script while sharing it with the community. That leads to his interest in the Secret NFT concept with which he seems quite taken.


It’s likely that Tarantino’s NFTs will be a big hit. And success is likely to lead to more NFT projects from Tarantino as well as his large circle of A-level Hollywood contacts. Given his related interest in historical cinema, Tarantino may well have a broad range of possibilities up his sleeve.


You can keep up with the project via the Tarantino NFTs site, Twitter, and Discord.


Featured Image: Screengrab of Tarantino NFTs Homepage


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