Post-Shitcoin Depression

Shitcoin Panel

Miami Florida, a vacation spot for some, or the up and coming cryptocurrency capital of the world for crypto-heads. June 2021 was a month full of festivities, from community meet-ups to the largest Bitcoin conference in history! There were dozens of events to choose from, however one stands out in particular, charmingly named Shitcoin 2021- and that’s no typo! On June 3rd and 4th, Shitcoin 2021 was held in the heart of Wynwood, conveniently located down the street from Bitcoin 2021. The real question is; why did this happen? Kenn Bosak had a bright idea when some of his friends were turned away from sponsoring the largest crypto event the world has seen… so “we’re gonna do our own conference, and we’re gonna call it shitcoin- because everything that is not Bitcoin to a maxi is a shitcoin”. 

One month later, Shitcoin was manifested. Shitcoin 2021 was created to highlight inclusivity within the crypto space. Ironically, there were even some Bitcoin maximalists speaking at the event. Some notable mentions included: Tone Vays, Bitcoin Vegan, and Paul Sztorc. Bitcoin maximalism has it’s reputation, to some it’s a form of supreme sound money, to others it can be seen as harsh and toxic. The truth is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Bitcoin maximalism, what’s wrong is the exclusive environment that certain individuals create that discredits hard-working and valid projects in the space. 

Kenn Bosak


The event that started off as an inside-joke that became a reality thanks to an enormous amount of community effort. Featuring over 50 speakers; from the NFT The Movie panel with Jeff Crane, Kenn Bosak, Miggy Crypto, Jack Storm, and Nathan Love- to A very intense law panel with Bitcoin Khaleesi, Jason Seibert, and defendant Nathan Hulk . 25+ sponsors and contributors participated from companies like Matter FI, Vy FInance, IllMind, and Shiba Inu. The venue was packed with passionate community members. Other notable mentions include the Haha for Hire comedy show with Mike Salvi’s entourage, Featuring Sam Tripoli; Flote Token Public Sale Taco Party; and Meow DAO Pizza Happy Hour (this event was very much worth attending).

The best part of all, the entire event was donation based: General Admission, Sponsorships, and Booths! All funds were generated through donation prior to June 1st. Attendees were able to purchase tickets for as little as a dollar, and can donate as much as they want to support the cause. Shitcoin 2021 brings back the grassroots movement within the crypto industry. The event was a place for a community to come together and become friends, even family; where ideas and cultures mixed, collided, and created a synergy that is so needed in this crypto/NFT space. Our goal was to not only highlight the variety of great alt-coin projects backed by great people who are looking to make a change in the world, but also to provide a safe and loving space that any one would be free to be themselves and connect with others on a very personal level to speak life… not just cryptocurrency. What was accomplished at Shitcoin 2021 will soon come to light in a big way that will prove to the world what the REAL crypto-community is about.  Wherever a Bitcoin Conference is, you can be rest assured Shitcoin won’t be far behind. Until next year! NFT movie

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