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Pixel Art has taken the NFT world by storm. With crypto punks, rare pizzas, and other avatars popping up as a semblance of identity for many. NFT artists like Maxwell Step and MirruTatep are finding ways to turn them into surprisingly detailed artistic expressions. And then there’s always the sweet nostalgia they represent. I know whenever I see pixel art, I immediately am brought back to a time where my Nintendo 64 was my metaverse. The games were simpler, and yes, pixelated. No matter what reminiscent thoughts come to mind for you, it’s safe to say that pixels are back with a vengeance. Some even feel that pixel art marks the beginning of NFTs- since so many learned about the blockchain via Cryptopunks

 So, how can we enjoy our NFTs to the fullest extent? Well, a good start is with displays allowing us to flaunt them IRL as much as possible. The Divoom company gives us the perfect opportunity to peacock our digital artworks with their unique and novel audio/visual devices. The coolest attribute of these products is the colourful pixel art displays shown on the most adorable gadgets. Combining nostalgic charm with classic gamification – the toymakers have given us a super cute way to show off our non-fungible tokens in style. With backpacks, art frames, boom boxes, and a collaboration with Koi Footwear, Divoom could have some big things coming up on the horizon. They even have cool art drawing boards to inspire budding artists.


Photos courtesy of divoominternational.com


Their newest release is the adorable Divoom-Ditoo. The Ditoo is modeled to resemble a retro computer and the Tivoo and Tivoo-Max both possess a quaint antique TV likeness. To use the Divoom devices to their fullest potential, download the app and unlock a variety of customizable features. With the app, you can choose from a vast catalogue of different art pieces and gifs. You can pixelate your own pictures to display on your devices and have access to a whole pixel art community. 

Bluetooth and Alexa capabilities allow you to play music, podcasts, and anything else you like, including app-accessed radio stations and audiobooks.  Another win is the remarkable battery life, and products can even be synced with your phone’s notification center. When you get a notification the device lights up with a pixelated picture of whatever app the message is on, turning every message into an adorable work of art. With these gadgets, our NFTs will become more functional than ever before! Some even have clap or snap to wake options you can activate for hands-free use. 

Furthermore, you can use sound sensitivity to create visuals on the device that match the music you play with the DJ feature! Choose from a DJ mixer or several different instruments to create your own custom sounds and light shows. I hope our NFT musicians are taking notes! Within the app, there are settings for white noise amongst other sleep aids, and you can set alarms with gentle wake settings for a more comfortable morning. You can also add reminders in the daily planner feature, and even see a pixelated weather forecast. 

Now let’s talk about the game options, with games like Tetris and Magic 8 Ball already installed, you have to wonder what will evolve as NFT and gaming enthusiasts take hold of the tech. A whole line of retro gaming fashion and fun would be a welcome addition to this fast-paced technological age. These tiny pixel portals share a small piece of history and commemorate the novel roots of digital art while ushering in a new era where fashion, tech, and entertainment converge.




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