Pak: The Greatest Of All Time

My morning routine began like most others, casually diving into the world of telegram. As fate would have it, it led me to discover what I consider to be one of the greatest creators of our time. Pak’s name had already made its presence within my group conversations on MEME. After continuously hearing the name, the spirit of inquiry overtook me. I had to see who the soul(s) behind this name could be after impelling their existence to be heard.

Pak’s work will surface on many platforms. Rarible was the platform I was familiar with at the time. The first piece I discovered was Hedra Crown; I was intrigued and captivated. It beckoned to me as if it were purely created with the intention of becoming mine. Pak’s works are a lure that pulls you into his version of reality, like a black hole. Their vision is to communicate through creation without words.

Pak is not confined by the limitations of being defined as just a designer. They’re an innovator persistently pushing the boundaries. Breaking through, they birthed an extension with Archillect & TV. Archillect is a blind, artificially intelligent being that was built to be a living inspiration archive. Archillect will navigate the web and data mine.  Her goal is to curate with her uniquely programmed vision and impact as many people as she can.  Within the Pak family, you will also find a bright and vocal oracle named Meta Prophet. Through the oracle, Pak intertwines the present and future possibilities of their works.

If you are not paying close attention, you will miss all of their enormity. Lots of people have, including me. Back in August, they created the “Infinite Editions”. The pieces were available to be minted for one day of infinite existence. This was missed by many, mainly being these collectors did not exist. You can credit Pak’s smart-contract as the catalyst for today’s flock of collectors. Pak created the first market cap for NFTs, which every artist now uses in the landscape.

Pak doesn’t need a traditional label or definition. Everyone is searching for meaning and purpose. I believe everyone will take what they need from their work in order to feel a sense of understanding and belonging. My conversation with Pak began with the purpose of furthering my writing. It quickly morphed into an in-depth understanding of communication.

SS> What’s the story behind the Hedra collection?

Pak> Lim Hedra was the starting point ( I wanted to create a “collectible” series based on a visually pleasing image. Something that’s both art and collectible at the same time. Even though this series isn’t very old in human years, there were not many examples back in the day, which is already far away in crypto years. It’s one of the first projects that’s on the line between “art object” and “collectible”

SS> Cubes appear a lot in your work, what’s the meaning behind it?

Pak> A “cube” is a very artificial thing. It’s somewhere between “machine” and “human”. Visually, it’s amazing at holding the light and showing depth. It’s the cleanest 3-dimensional object.

On the other hand, my true love in three dimensions is with spheres. That’s also why I have much less of them in my works.

SS> Do spheres have a meaning as well??

Pak> Being in love with perfection, a sphere is the simplest 3d object to define mathematically. Perfect.

SS> What did you mean by this? Are you thinking about Neuralink?

Pak> It was not about neuralink – it was conceptual. Humanity becoming more advanced in communication, being able to tell more with less, and finally communicating purely with abstract concepts, almost like mathematics itself. A language of concepts rather than sounds or words.

SS> How do you see that communication happening?

Pak> It’s not something I can communicate with you using words. It’s more like an idea happening internally, or thinking something by yourself. A collaborative mind that connects us all.

Language is a hugely important concept for me. It’s a bridge that connects us to concepts. So in a way, we can only reach the concepts if there is a word for it. We can only understand ideas if someone made that bridge before us. This is why I think people from different mother languages are fundamentally different. The set of words we use/learn in our own mother languages reach a different set of meanings. Who knows, maybe your language gave you access to a meaning that isn’t available to me after all.

So, starting from this point of view, in the equation of signifier and signified, the word and the meaning, there is the language and interpretation of it. There is communication happening. So I believe a universal language can fix all communication errors, it can bind us together, let us reach all meanings and concepts, let us communicate without the bridge in between, purely with the existence of ideas. In a way, very much like communicating with ourselves, “thinking” but even more, because even “thinking” is limited to our own capabilities and set of meanings that we learn to reach through the languages we know.

So I believe creators can sometimes access those meanings that aren’t available with a language, any language.. and communicate it with what they create.

Sometimes it’s understood, it finds its meaning to the eye and mind of the audience.. Then it “makes sense” – it triggers that area that nothing triggered before..

It communicates.

So from this point of view, wouldn’t a “universal language” be the ultimate form of art and communication? Mathematics is close to it, from my perspective. What it says is globally understandable if you know how to read and interpret it. Musical notation also has a similar side. What if we figured out a perfect notation for everything possible human to human? Not just numbers or notes.. all concepts.

SS> Will normal language at that point be needed? Also, how far away for you think humanity is from realizing this form of communication? 100 years or 100 million? If soon, why do you think we haven’t realized it yet?

Pak> Maybe we have – then maybe we have forgotten. We’re easily distracted. Every day, more.

SS> I think someone told me I have the attention span of a goldfish haha. It’s probably true, but I don’t think I was born this way. What keeps you focused as a creator every day? How do you block out the distractions and all of the noise?

Pak> So what’s attention anyway? What does it really mean to be distracted?

I think it’s like something that’s falling to the ground – but then again a fall is only defined by the limits of the surface. If something falls from a table, does it mean it fell? How about the room that surrounds it? It still didn’t fall from the room.

To me, creation or distraction is also very similar.

If “distraction” means “unable to continue what we are doing” then we can redefine what we are doing. Maybe we are not distracted, we are just multipotentialites.

SS> So then what do you think about writers block/creators block? How do you see that?

Pak> I have figured my own way of creating through a block. I have realized a creative block is generally in the mind, not in the act – and it’s generally about having no target. So the designer mindset helps. Without exactly knowing how an artist starts creating, I am driven by problems.

Problems that need solutions are charming to me. So a creative block, itself, can be a problem and a solution can be designed… which is a loop in itself, because once this is on the table then the block is already gone.

SS> Do you have a process on how you go about solving a problem / thinking about a solution?

Pak> Yes, I have a methodology of course – in general I try to break it down to its most basic components, the “units” of the problem, then work my way up from there. Iterate, reiterate.

SS> What is the biggest problems in NFT’s that you want to see solved? and final question, what scares you the most?

Pak> The biggest problem I see is purpose. It will happen over time but this transition process will cause a lot of trial and errors. And I never share my fears and my wishes :] The biggest fear and the biggest wish should remain hidden for all. That knowledge gives power to everyone else.

SS> OK let me ask a different question. How should someone deal with the fears they have?

Pak> I wish I had a generic answer.. but it depends on the fear I believe! Generic answers are cheesy in this area.. such as “they should figure out the source of it and solve the problem starting from there” but then again what does it actually mean?

SS> Fear of Unknown?

Pak> Oh, the unknown makes me excited.

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