NY FEM FACTORY, the internationally-received art collective empowering women through a range of exhibition formats featuring diverse voices and curated group art shows is gracing Miami Art Basel once again with The Green Room a VR NFT art exhibit showing at the virtual Road Gallery and hosted IRL by Satellite Art Show. The Green Room is an intriguing and verdant invitation to the near-present feminist dreamscape we didn’t know we needed. 

The exhibit also showcases a refreshingly inclusive group of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and women artists, some of which are veterans in the NFT space while others are making their entry into the metaverse by way of being included in The Green Room. Jessica Yatrofsky, author of Pink Privacy and stewardess of NY FEM FACTORY, is the co-curator of The Green Room alongside David Cash. Together Yatrofsky and Cash have curated a show as diverse as its artists, who each draw from an incredible and varied pool of inspiration. For example, Rebecca Rose’s ‘Suddenly Human’ draws inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, whilst ‘Go Figure 001’ by BlackDave draws upon perhaps the most used motif in art  – the female form – while adding a dash of cyberpunk surrealism. 



Green is the colour of nature, the heart, it takes us on a voyage towards a near-present feminist landscape, imagined by the visions of artists employing mediums ranging from visual arts to poetry. Each artist holds a lamppost to where they hope for us to go, and like all good road trips this journey through the artist-bred metaverse seeps into your skin. “The Green Room ” is a necessary see for what it suggests rather than what it explicitly says. It is better, sometimes, to be at the cusp of something than to claim you have arrived, for arrival is static – fully formed, final and complete. And it is this idea of progressive movement towards a near-present feminist future that is so enticing about this show. The exhibit perfectly captures the feeling of being enamoured by what can be, should be and has to be in order for tomorrow’s fragrant gardens to be much greener than todays. 



But there is always an implicit danger – spoken or unspoken – in any pursuit towards a new ‘tomorrow’, there is always danger in the unknown, and as we instinctively know – there is an inescapable danger in the wild. The Green Room does not shy away from this fact but embraces the totality of our cyborg future feminine landscapes in all her forlorn, cosmic and gilded glory.  To be in The Green Room is to rest in a liminal space, somewhere on the cusp of Yatrosky’s and Cash’s paradise, which is to say – on the cusp of the paradise we all want for ourselves, for all women everywhere and for everyone who has a beating heart. This exhibit is a tender reminder of the violence and inherent danger of a garden with no walls – but it is also a reminder that deep down, we all still long for the particular danger of Mother Nature’s Eden, and if given the chance – we will brave the trip, (even if facilitated through VR glasses,) and return again. And again. 



Featured Artist Include: Akasha, Béa Kayani (Art Jedi), BlackDave, Dana Caputo, Emily Lazar, FoodMasku, Giovanna Sun, Gretchen Andrew, hawkward, Hermine Bourdin, JeffJag, Jessica Yatrofsky, Kas Vegas, Louise Erhard, NadiaLArt, NiftyCastle (TheWitchyGF), Novocrypto, Parin Heidari, QuantumVarient, Rebecca Rose, Rhe, Roger Kenny, Sarah Richardson, Unskilled Worker and Zoe Stekkle.  


Instagram: @nyfemfactory 

Twitter: @nyfemfactory 

Website: https://www.nyfemfactory.com/ 


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