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While we have already provided quite a lot of coverage from this year’s Miami series of crypto extravaganzas – we want those of you who were not able to attend, such as myself, to get a little glimpse of the magic that you missed!  While the original target audience of the Bitcoin Conference Miami 2021 was Bitcoin Maximalists – due to several event series happening in tandem, including NFTS.tips Private Events Series and Shitcoin 2021, Miami quickly became packed with a diverse group of crypto-heads of all shapes and sizes.  The NFTs.tips community, as seen in the video above, made a huge splash this year.  On top of major strategic partnerships including Try Showtime, Moonwolf, and of course NFTS.WTF; the tips community brought out leading NFT artists in the space including Sabet, Gabe Weis, and WARHODL, as well as over 100 other exhibited NFT creators.


One major highlight we can’t forget to mention is The Goodtime Hotel and all of its splendor. Between massive star-studded pool parties, Beeple in the elevator, and the J.lo Music video being filmed on site as a nice cherry on top – this place is definitely a gem. They also housed 125 rooms filled with the NFTs.tips entourage and threw the biggest NFT pool party to date featuring live music by Cedric Gervais and saucy go-go dancers providing the perfect eye-candy. Around every corner you’d find artists, collectors, press, and bystanders all collaborating and learning about NFTs. Many new partnerships were formed in the creative and stimulating space that Pharrell and his first-class team provided. The rooms were stylish yet quaint, enticing visitors to venture out into community spaces and explore. With talks of NFT displays and exhibits, this looks to be just the beginning of The Goodtimes’ NFT journey like so many others.



The small businesses in the area are in on the profits as well since they were utilized by so many of the crypto/NFT fan bases for events. The city was teeming with food truck and venue activations, catering, and I’m sure Lyft and Uber caught a nice surge throughout the week of lux black-car rides.


The owners of the cabaret “Eleven”, where Paris Hilton DJ’d during the week, had the right idea by allowing their entertainers to take payment in cryptocurrency and displaying NFTs on their big screens. 

Whether you understand crypto or not, it’s becoming more and more likely that it has impacted you or your surroundings. It is only a matter of time until crypto is as mainstream as a debit card, with global opportunities for all.


While you may be feeling the FOMO, this event is just the tip of the iceberg, as we come out of this pandemic era, it seems as if the world of crypto is replacing the influencer space as the “cool kids club” of conferences. There are already a ton of preparations in the works for upcoming events in New York, Paris, Dubai, and dozens of other cities around the world. While you may have missed this one, it is fairly certain that there will be an equally exciting crypto event coming soon to a city near you!

Featured video by Alexander Mazzei

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