Calling all degens- We are Hiring!

Now we have secured the initial 51/100 founding members for the NFT WTF dzine & DAO we’re beginning the process of recruiting a core Editorial Staff & Media Team via an RFP (Request for Proposal) to begin to work on the genesis edition drop and regularise content creation and curate contributions from the community.

If you are interested please email:

The goal is to commission an independent Editor, or team of editors, and Art Director elected by a group of advisors drawn from within the community to deliver the dzine publication for the DAO and future subscribers.


The Editorial Team will receive a fixed quarterly budget from the DAO – as well as 30% of proceeds from monthly publication NFT sales – and have complete freedom over the content and people they engage to deliver it. The remaining 60% of proceeds will go to contributors from the community for each given month’s edition, and 10% goes into a safety fund for rainy days to give the editorial security and protection from volatility in the NFT markets.



This means NFTs.WTF is effectively a non-profit with 100% of all revenues going to its contributors, not to shareholders or investors. As a result, NFTs.WTF can effectively never be acquired or its vision compromised, allowing it to stay true to its community roots.

The Advisory Committee which will be also be elected in the coming weeks via a DAO vote will require a majority of 8/10 votes based on three equal dimensions, where each one is scored from 1-3;

  • Nativeness to the NFT space
  • Proven record in delivering professionally edited multimedia content
  • Demonstrated skills in the art and science of memetics
  • Diversity of background and perspective

It’s our collective hope we are able to recruit a team of people from within or across pre-existing NFT communities, and have already proactively reached out to several we respect to drive awareness.

We look forward to sharing each step of this process in creating the world’s first dzine to help mainstream NFTs, whilst platforming its creators and innovators and celebrating all its diverse subcultures through an authentic, uncompromised voice.

If you are interested please apply here:

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