Narcissus Gallery Presents: The Long-Awaited Rare Pepe Exhibition

Narcissus, the futuristic Sci-Fi themed gallery born from the collaboration between Akira and Giannis Sourdis, is bringing a selection of Rare Pepe’s into the ETH blockchain ecosystem to elevate the awareness and historical significance of the project. In addition, Narcissus invited key creators, collectors, and artists instrumental in creating the Rare Pepe community including Joe Looney, Eleonora Brizi, Meme Conscious, Rare Skrilla and Artnome.

Just like the trading cards of our teenage years, Non-Fungible Tokens can be sold, traded, collected and held in a wallet – only with NFTs, all of this happens digitally. Rare Pepe collectibles were the earliest ‘deck’ of NFTs, user-generated cards traded on the Rare Pepe Wallet created by Joe Looney back in 2016.

⁣⁣Rare Pepe is the FIRST spontaneous digital art project that ever happened on the blockchain. It is the precursor to Crypto Art and Art on the blockchain

From “The Rarest Book” by Eleonora Brizi and Louis Parker

All the images included in a bundle of 81 cards auctioned Wednesday 5/26

As two of the world’s oldest and leading auction houses compete to present the most valuable and unique items from the history of crypto and digital art, neither have included a Rare Pepe in their offering. Through the exhibition, Narcissus, an entity born in the spirit and vision of a decentralized future, unhinged from centralized dominant corporate control, sheds light on the historical collection. It is running several auctions, one of them featuring a bundle of over 3000 editions.

With the boom of NFTs and record-breaking headlines, the series of discussions act as a reminder about the humble origins of Pepe and NFTs. Before the association with the alt-right, Pepe started as a meme that quickly became part of the internet culture, being twisted into many characters and scenarios. Since the inception of Pepe’s, they flirted with the world of art as Pepe was edited into all the major works of art history. ⁣⁣


QBITSPEPE, Series 17

In a recent
article by Cointelegraph, artist Matt Kane has said that he sees HOMERPEPE “as the most important NFT in art history”, explaining that its first record-breaking sale influenced many other creators to join the crypto community. This year, HOMERPEPE returned, selling for another record-breaking amount of $320,000. Will the Narcissus Gallery Exhibition and auction mark another milestone in Rare Pepe history? The community can find out by joining the scheduled events and even becoming part of the narrative! 


The exhibition can be viewed at the Narcissus Gallery in Decentraland

More information and May 24-26 event schedule on the Narcissus Gallery website

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