A letter from the Editor

A Letter from the Editor

Happy Monday to the WTF community,

This space has undoubtedly been growing these past few months exponentially.  While the price of ETH is continuing to rise, the amount of massive NFT sales taking place doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.  Just this past Wednesday, Opensea account boothy purchased Ape token ID 3749 for a record-breaking 400 ETH.  This sale marks a new ceiling for Apes and should hopefully spark other bullish buyers following suit for the rest of the month. 

Additionally, Artblocks continues to lead the space in massive sales, with five pieces from their “Curated collection” trading for between 250 and 750 ETH in the last week alone. Furthermore, several NFT ranking sites in their infancies, such as Nonfungible.com, have them listed as #1 in sales at the moment. While both Opensea and cryptoslam.com have Artblocks ranked as the second-most traded project overall this past week. 

Only Axie infinity bested them on the open market- which is not surprising as the leading example of pay to play continues to pave the way forwards in the gaming sector. Their recent success is primarily due to the Axie token’s value jumping in value after being made tradable on Coinbase this past week. The rising price of Axie tokens has likely resulted in life-changing economic shifts for many of its most loyal users in developing countries who bought in early. Yet another fantastic example of how NFTs and crypto can change lives.  

If you haven’t yet, make sure to watch this video explaining how much of a positive impact Axies has made in the Philippines: 

Meanwhile, in the world of WTF, we’re continually working towards the development and impending release of our Genesis NFT project. We can’t wait to share more details on this project soon and share our first NFT offering with all of you this fall. Meanwhile, in terms of our online content, some highlights that came across my desk this past week include: 

✍️ One of our best staff writers, Clyde F. Smith, is taking on a new column covering the rise of the “NFT Creator.” Read his introductory piece to this new series here

📖 Nahid Shahalimi, another of our finest staff writers, introduced us to NFT Kids Magazine, a new outlet highlighting a diverse range of some of the most incredible child-artists in the space 

🎨 Powerhouse interviewer Jessica Yatrofsky had an in-depth conversation with Hermine Bourdin, a sculptor bringing traditional practices to the metaverse in an exciting new fashion 

Additionally, while we continue to put out fresh content every weekday, we have now developed a treasure-trove of over 100 pieces of writing about NFT projects, the metaverse, virtual fashion, AR & VR futures, and so much more. Some of my favourite hidden gems currently lurking in the various sections on our homepage include: 

👗 Micah Ray AKA @skidrowcrypto – one of my favourite writers in the space – did a fantastic piece about Danit Peleg and her 3D printed fashion thesis 

👾 Roland Spencer of Outlier Ventures wrote an incredible piece on the future of the metaverse and its relation to videogames and how today’s youth interact with virtual worlds 

💻 Before I even came on as Editor, I found a piece that Nahiiko wrote about how they hacked Foundation but why they think you should still use the platform, which is an exciting read

🌎 Superworld launched an AR art show in Flint, Michigan, in support of their water crisis which was covered by our amazing staff writer Nahid Shahalimi

🖼 Our web editor Albert Polanco wrote one of our most-read pieces about the first crypto punk sold at Sotheby’s back in June in his piece about how NFTs are not dead yet

These pieces are just the tip of the iceberg.  And, as mentioned, if you want to take an hour or two getting lost in some of the most important moments that took place over the past few months in the NFT space, take a look through the various sections on our homepage

I know this letter is a bit longer than the last few, but I am proud of our writers and want their work to be seen by more readers! So just using this platform to connect you, our audience, with some content that will hopefully be relevant to you and that you may not have seen yet. 

Let me know if you like this kind of round-up, and I look forward to checking in with all of you NFT OGs again next week-

See you in the Metaverse,

David Cash 

Editor in Chief


NOTE: this is the ninth letter from the editor from David Cash, our editor in chief, which was sent out to our email subscribers yesterday.  If you’d like to receive weekly roundups of our articles and some information about what’s happening in the space.

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