Interview with Dan Carr of NiftyKit + Smart Contract & Gas fees Giveaway!

David Cash: Welcome, everybody. This is NFTS.WTF, my name is David Cash- I’m the editor in chief, and I am here with the one and only Dan Carr, creator of NiftyKit. Dan, Would you like to introduce yourself and for anybody living under a rock, what is NiftyKit


Dan: Thank you for having me. I’m Dan, and I am the co-founder and CEO of NiftyKit. It’s a subscription-based app that allows you to create smart contracts and NFTs, and sell them on your marketplace. We are heavily focused on creators, so we wanted to provide a tool that makes it easy for people to get in and not be super frustrated with all of the unknowns in there. So we want to help you go from zero to one and get your smart contract, and NFT’s out there so that your fans can start collecting. 


Cash: Awesome, a very noble cause- we need more people like you. I think a lot of artists lately have had growing pains. Our audience members are people who have been in the space a little while, be that five months or five years, encompassing a whole range of experiences. And I think almost everybody who is reading this right now has tried to mint something on Opensea or another platform that has given them a less than ideal result, to put that very nicely. Or have had a situation where they’ve minted NFTs, and a collector would have liked something different in their smart contract, something not so generic. Then on the other side of things, you also have people paying thousands of dollars for front-end and back-end devs to develop something custom, even when what they’re working on doesn’t require such a custom solution. 


So I love your solution, and I think it exists somewhere in that nice sweet spot in the middle of those two places. So from a Degen perspective or an insider community perspective, why would you recommend somebody choose NiftyKit over hiring devs as a turnkey solution?


Dan: So we focus mainly on two things: saving time and money. The space is moving super fast, and if time equals money, we want to be the shortcut to get your project launched. There are tons of ideas, and sadly, some of these great ideas never see the light of day because the project owners get stuck overthinking things. I’ve been in clubhouse rooms where people are looking to get into the space and are being recommended to pick up solidity…  Like, “Hey, it’s fine if you had a MySpace or you’ve done some HTML before, then you should be able to pick it up.” It shouldn’t be like that… So we created this service to be able to help you channel all the energy in those ideas and make minting and smart contract creation really the least of your problems. If you get stuck and hung up on all that technical stuff under the hood, you’re taking away from what you’re going to need to market your product and get it out there. So we want to just [be a] shortcut for people.


In addition to the time, there’s saving money on devs, like you were alluding to. Why would you want to go out and hire devs, I think you would not want to use NiftyKit if you need something more custom. There are a lot more projects coming out with generative aspects that need a little bit more utility baked in. But what NiftyKit does is provide that base layer of NFT support to give you your smart contract. And it’s an ERC 721 smart contract that’s interoperable with Rarible and OpenSea. So we wanted to give you something that gives you the flexibility on creating NFTs and sell them in different ways. Whether you’re listing them on your storefront on NiftyKit, or you’re taking them over to Rarible and OpenSea, listing them there as well. Or we even have people who just do private sales outside of any of these platforms and just transfer it if you trust people that much. So we wanted to just get you past this part zero to one, all in the same day without having to spend weeks trying to figure out what one does with a smart contract.


Cash: For anybody who’s reading this, we have a very special offer. If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be one of the first to hear about it but I’m sure we’re also going to be posting this on their social media. Dan, would you like to tell the folks reading your very generous offer?


Dan: We want to offer a free Ethereum main net smart contract and 10 NFTs for someone to do their next drop, free of charge, gas on us. So yeah, definitely stay tuned and we want to give that away to just show our appreciation and thanks for everyone supporting us and definitely will be plenty more fun giveaways and things that we’ll be doing so we just wanted to kick it off and offer that to you guys.


Cash: Guys, that is a crazy deal; you are too kind. Everybody that’s a $250 value USD, smart contract plus 10 NFTmints, gas included, That’s insane and you guys know what gas is like right now so that’s a big offer. Dan, thank you so much. I appreciate you all taking the time to read to the end!

So how can you go about winning this? You’ll need to follow us on Twitter, Follow NiftyKit on Twitter, quote-retweet our pinned tweet, tag three friends, and subscribe to our newsletter.  After the response to our Fluf giveaway, we thought that it was time to come back with yet another.  And since gas fees have been so fickle lately, we hope one lucky community member appreciates ten free mints and a free custom smart contract, courtesy of Niftykit.

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