Fred Segal Launches an NFT Store?

Fred Segal, the uber chic Los Angeles shop known for trailblazing trends and a signature aesthetic that has captured the hearts of the global fashion elite, is continuing to push forward with a cool collaboration with media tech guru Subnation


Artcade opened Wednesday within Fred Segal’s iconic flagship store on The Sunset Strip as a dynamic studio giving shoppers an unparalleled Metaverse experience. 


Fred Segal is noted for not only bringing the look of “LA cool” to the fashion stage, but constantly raising the bar when it comes to in-store experiences like dining, live music, and customized events to a retail space.  The brand’s strong reputation for sharpening their cutting edge is affirmed by taking the traditional retail world on a ride through the Metaverse with this exceptional experiential activation. 


The innovative concept celebrates the rising culture of gaming and an appreciation for the digital lifestyle. The interactive space is an exciting confluence of Web3 technology, digital media, and “hype culture.” 


Subnation has played a key role in using new technology to bring engaging IRL and metaverse-centric programming to the gaming community with buzzy events, storyworlds, and popups. The branding advisory company is a thought leader in creative production and branding with a list of partnerships including major organizations like Volkswagen and Atari Hotels. 


The partnership with Fred Segal is set to bolster Subnation’s mission to change the cultural landscape with a new wave of digitally focused, immersive experiences in a retail and style focused vertical. 





Artcade will merge creativity, style, and tech with a range of merchandise offerings to the tune of curated art, limited edition apparel, and collectible merchandise. The product offerings within the store will include coveted treasures like old school arcade inspired toys and gadgets, gaming hardware, and virtual goods like digital skins and NFTs.


Artcade will also have a physical NFT gallery powered by VIZIO where exhibitions with works from collections like CryptoPunks and BAYC are showcased and available for purchase. The gallery will also feature new curated collections, serving as physical homage to the explosion of creative talent happening in the digital space. 


Artcade will offer jewelry by Metagolden, a brand making headlines as a stylish pioneer blending NFTs and physical 18k gold jewelry. In addition to stunning blockchain inspired necklaces and rings, pieces from Metagolden’s collaboration with pop artist Ashley Longhore will be available in the store as well. 


All of Artcade’s products are available for purchase in-store or online via cryptocurrency. 





In conjunction with retail offerings, Artcade will curate a calendar of monthly events like NFT exhibitions, musical performances, sneaker customization classes, and AR trunk shows to provide in-person ways to connect with the community of creatives buzzing around the Metaverse. There will even be a streaming studio with dual gaming battlestations and state of the art podcast equipment. 


Artcade will also offer seasonal drops and product launches that align with Fred Segal’s special events and programming. 


With a fresh new iteration of the phygital infusion Artcade will no doubt be an exciting hub for the rapidly evolving digital culture in LA and beyond. The space is building a bridge between the physical and virtual with the cool factor its brand so boldly carries in the American and Globals markets alike. The unique concept promises more boundary pushing fun to come. 

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