ENS Just Made Everyone’s Day

If you have been involved in crypto for even a few months, it is likely that you’ve come across a “.eth” URL. Whether it be someone’s wallet you’ve sent funds to or a domain you visited, the Ethereum Naming Service has been growing along with Ethereum since it was proposed by Nick Johnson in 2016 and launched in May of 2017. 

Well fast-forward only four years later, and over 416,000 unique “.eth” names have been registered. And, as of yesterday, anyone with one or more of these domains is eligible for one of the largest crypto airdrops to date! 

Yes, you heard that right. If you happen to own any “.eth” ENS domains, you are eligible for free $ENS tokens, which are easily swappable with ETH via uniswap amongst other exchanges. This morning I heard the news and checked my account, only to find over an ETH of free tokens waiting for me! Friends of mine in the community report receiving upwards of $20,000 USD in free $ENS Tokens. So what are you waiting for? Have you claimed your airdrop?

Don’t know how? Don’t feel bad! I’ve talked to several community members who were confused about how to claim. Here’s the process in a few simple steps: 

  1. Head on over to claim.ens.domains
  2. Connect your Metamask or other browser-friendly ETH wallet 
  3. Click “Get Started” 
  4. Click “Claim Tokens” 
  5. Sign the smart contract and pay the gas fee
  6. Vote on a representative in the ENS DAO 
  7. Your ENS tokens are now claimed!


Then if you’d like to transition your ENS tokens to ETH or another token: 


  1. Head over to Uniswap 
  2. Type in “ENS” as the first coin 
  3.  Select to Import from coingecko 
  4. Choose “ETH” (or another token) as the second coin 
  5. Sign a smart contract and pay gas to swap!


And congratulations! In only a few minutes, you’ve probably gotten at least ~1 free ETH if not significantly more! Don’t say that we’ve never done anything for you! 

If you’re wondering why all of this happened, I’d recommend going through a Twitter thread that ENS put out directly in lieu of this drop: 


Governance tokens will be opened for claiming by ENS users (snapshot made yesterday) a week from today, with more details about it then.


And, if you haven’t claimed yet, and are worried that you’re late to the party, I have good news: this airdrop claiming process is continuing on until “May 4th, 2022” according to their website. And if you’re reading this after the fact, odds are that $ENS went even higher in value and your airdrop might even be worth more than before!


Now go take your free ETH and invest in some up-and-coming NFT artists! 



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