Digital fashion Pioneer Amber Jae Slooten shows PRIDE

PRIDE is all about liberty, self-love, acceptance, and expression. We love ourselves a little more when we are rocking an epic garment, as fashion intrinsically ties into our identity. We are now granted liberties that surpass anything that fashion has given before with the availability of digital fashion like the most recent drop by Amber Jae Slooten and her digital fashion house The Fabricant. Slooten, alongside the iconic Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter /superstar Pabllo Vittar, Nicola Formichetti of NicoPanda, and artist Blake Kathryn, is enabling buyers to convey style without leaving a scar on the environment. Their digital garments are never brought into the physical world, forever living in the digital space that newer generations now exist in more than reality. We can now embody a variety of new elements to express our individualities while cleaning up the fashion industry too!

Presented by Nifty Gateway and Playboy, the collection boasts bold rainbow colors, beautiful variance in textures, and cool eye-catching animations. Go check it out for yourself! Although the collection sold out quickly, you can still view it in cool animated form and listen to the futuristic soundtrack. (That’s right musicians — You can now overlay your music into these digital fashions too!) The collection stays true to the unique playfulness we think of when we see people express their PRIDE style. Just like the purveyors of the event are doing by disrupting stigmas and previous social norms, this new form of apparel is shaking up what we once believed about our appearance.


Fashion is on the threshold of evolution and the future is looking… Simple. Clean. Sustainable…Yet also vibrant and bold, with a variety of never explored variants. Imagine wearing a simple robe IRL, but on your social media, you’re wearing an ornate gown made of materials previously foreign to the clothing production process.  With digital fashion, we are unconstrained by the same guidelines we’ve had to follow in the past. Unburdened by excess waste, the overhead of brick and mortar storefronts, or shipping logistics. Not to mention the overall pollution caused by the fashion industry (more than almost all other industries btw,) we are free to explore new realms of design. No longer are there rules eliminating certain elements in fashion due to lack of functionality.

While many are just learning about NFTs, Slooten has been utilizing the blockchain since at least 2019 with her release of Iridescence, a breathtaking digital gown that was never stitched or brought into the physical realm, but was still highly regarded and admired in the fashion world. With her ideas and wearables like the ones you can find on DressX, we are liberated to stylize in various ways never explored. DressX is a platform used by several designers and sustainable fashion advocates like Amber, to display their latest digital fashions for sale, alongside several others. The items are available for sale using FIAT currency and can be uploaded directly and superimposed onto the photos of your choice to be “worn.” Slooten is no rookie to this highly sustainable realm, she has actually been creating these designs for years already. “Fashion is a language we speak, it’s something we wear but it communicates in such a big way.” She shared on the TedEx stage, “Now this message of fashion was one I wanted to tell, but I came into school and I could not believe how physical things still were. I had to sew outfits day and night… and I thought why are things so physical, when the digital world permeates our daily life so much?”

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I recommend giving Dressx a spin if you don’t know what the digital fashion hype is about yet. For now, you upload photos and place outfits accordingly, but with advancements like AR glasses, we could eventually have these adorning our bodies as we walk around, only visible to those with the appropriate eyewear. How cool would it be if our earthly environments were sleek, chic, and minimal until you put on your glasses activating a beautiful digital world full of spice and variety like we’ve never seen thus far. Sounds pretty nice to me, but what are your thoughts? Reach out at our NFTs.WTF Twitter and let us know!

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