Custom Smart Contract + 10 Gas fees Giveaway!

Hello NFTS.WTF Community-


Yes, you read the title of this article correctly! Tomorrow we will be releasing an interview that I had the pleasure of conducting with Dan Carr, Co-Founder of Niftykit – an excellent turnkey smart contract solution.  Dan has been so kind to offer members of our community a fantastic offer of one of their custom Ethereum smart contracts (for free) as well as an offer to foot the bill on your first ten minting gas fees under your new contract!


So how can you go about winning this? Well, first of all, make sure to stay tuned for the interview dropping tomorrow on our site.  You’ll need to follow us on Twitter, quote-retweet our pinned tweet, tag three friends, and subscribe to our newsletter.  After the response to our Fluf giveaway, we thought that it was time to come back with yet another.  And since gas fees have been so fickle lately, we hope one lucky community member appreciates ten free mints and a free custom smart contract, courtesy of Niftykit. 


In other news, the NFT rat race has not slowed down much. Despite the space being quite tumultuous lately, our writers have continued to deliver quality work that I feel the need to recap for all of you who may have missed out: 


💸 Rami Al-Sabeq covered the controversy around Opensea not paying out artist’s royalties 


🏀 Clyde F Smith covered RECURR’s massive hiring/investment in the NFT-sports world


📲 Tryshowtime, the NFT social media platform, launched an exciting new NFT minting option 


🍕 Staff writer Jessica Yatrovski did a lovely interview with NFT/Performance artist Food Masku


👟 French Montana Dropped his first NFT: The Coke Boys LA sneakers (Produced by My team) 


In other news, we have several exclusives to bring you throughout this Fall, from insider information on the hottest drops to interviews with some of the biggest names in crypto. We look forward to sharing our upcoming plans, as well as our genesis NFT drop, with all of you shortly. 


I wish you all luck with tomorrow’s giveaway and hope someone mints some amazing pieces with this free smart contract and ten free gas fees!


Until next week- see you in the metaverse,  


David Cash 

Editor in Chief


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