CryptoQuartz NFT DROP by MR. Y Starts Jul 9, 2021 on Rarible

Crypto Quartz

I had the privilege to sit down with Mr. Y and discuss his latest NFT project called Crypto Quartz. 111 handcrafted, beautifully rendered 3D quartz crystals with varying degrees of rarities and special traits.  I asked Richard (aka Mr. Y), what the inspiration for this project was, and his answer painted a picture of the human behind this creation, which made me want to know more.  Living in a small town of around only 3,000 people in Austria, Mr. Y discovered a small quartz crystal shop in town and was fascinated by these chaotic creations of nature. He described to me “I loved the colours and the look, and how nature creates something with chaos; because they are basically pure chaos” 

I found that answer and his enthusiasm about the aesthetics of these natural crystals to be thought-provoking.  The natural processes that go into the formation of these types of gems are indeed pure chaos. Often violent and destructive forces combine with just the right levels of pressure, heat, and magical Earth alchemy.  And in the end, these elements form these incredibly beautiful quartz crystals.


For those who may not have experienced Mr. Y’s work, it is quite eclectic and out of this world. I really enjoy the randomness of his different works and his style demonstrates a really vast mastery of various forms of art.  You can see some of his incredible works here on Super rare.


NYC Love by Mr Y
NYC Love by Mr Y


The Crypto Quartz project was conceived rather quickly after he felt inspired by the local shop in his town, and so he created a prototype that was sold with added utility for the holder of this NFT that would grant them a super special ‘Crypto Quartz’ NFT once the project was ready. 

One of the other really cool aspects of this NFT series is that not only are each of the 111 crystals meticulously handcrafted over months but also the final files were rendered by The distributed GPU rendering network on the blockchain called RenderToken.

When is the Drop?

Starting on the 9th of July 2021 the 24-hour auction for the first 10 Crypto Quartz NFTs will begin, and the remaining 45 will go on sale for .2 ETH on July 10th at 10 am EST/2 pm UTC/10 pm ET. This drop will be split into different stages, with the first 55 NFTs dropping on July 9-10 2021.


Here is the official link to the Drop below:

Link to the CrytoQuartz Drop on Rarible

Here is the full roadmap for this project with the different phases

You can also check Mr. Y. out and the CryptoQuartz project below 

Mr. Y on Twitter

CryptoQuartz on Twitter

CryptoQuartz Discord


Mr Y. Super Rare


Mr Y on Super Rare
Mr Y on Super Rare

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