Carved Tiles NFT Collection: Wood is the Canvas, Resin is the Paintbrush

April 29 makes us witness a unique NFT collection brought by Carved, a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of handcrafted accessories. A series of 100 1/1 NFTs will offer its buyers an accompanying hand-made tiles as part of the purchase.

Carved is a prominent example of how traditional businesses embrace new technology within the creative field. The company is running a successful business for over ten years now, with its operations at a 100-year-old dress factory in Elkhart, Indiana. And yet, nothing held it back from taking the risk of experimenting with a new product; the team dedicated three months to understanding and learning solidity and Web 3 to prepare the Tile collection. “There was no outsourcing, no external development, nothing. That’s how invested we are in this. Hopefully, the community will enjoy what we put together, and no less important, how we chose to do so,” comments John Webber, Carved Founder.


Carved Tile #80 DeAngelo, Wood Type: Maple


Given the unique nature of every piece, all the little details of the collection were taken into account. The physical Tiles offered together with the NFTs are inlaid in a solid metal frame. On the back, a QR code is engraved, linking to the unique IPFS hosted page. The material Carved uses for the Tiles is burly wood and liquid Resin, the former being the gnarly growths and deformities one can find on trees. Due to burly wood’s deformed nature, one can note a resemblance to the generative technique often used in digital art.
“We select pieces of burl wood that have amazing grain colours and patterns. We then mix liquid Resin with different colours of dyes and pigments and use that to “paint” the canvas”, explains Webber. “There are many similarities between what we do in the physical realm and what NFTs do in the digital one, which made this physical-digital experimentation a natural progression for us,” he adds.


Collectors will be able to choose between redeeming the Tiles or reselling the NFTs on an open, secondary market supported by Ethereum.

Carved Tiles can be viewed at:

Carved Tile #17 Gino, Wood Type: Buckeye

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