The Fungi NFT Drop

A Non-Fungible Token Supporting Psychedelic Research & Societal Progression

Cryptopus NFT Drop

Cryptopus is an upcoming collection of cute octopus NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Mutant Mingos NFT Drop

Mutant Mingos is a collection of 10,000 Mutant NFTs—unique digital collectibles, with 120+ attributes living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Mic Drop Pepsi NFT Drop

The Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT is a generative-style collection of unique NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Lazy Bucks NFT Drop

8.849 unique NFT collectibles that grant you access to our play2earn game and a cedar lodge full of rewards for wildlife adventurers and community supporters.

Lab Rats NFT Drop

Deep in the Character Labs basement, a renegade group of Lab Technicians have been breeding 5,555 genetically modified LabRats. NFT Drop

8,888 NFTs on the SOLANA Blockchain. First collection of 100% Artificial Intelligence generated NFTs. More than 90 traits.

Hatched NFT Drop

After an 8,888 year sleep cycle, what used to be fairytales and folklore are now rising from the depths of earth and sea.

Smurfy Santas NFT Drop

Waiting for you with 100% Royalty rights. Smurfy Santas is a collection of 2.022 generative Santas.  

Doodle Duckies Drop

9000 Max at .06 each Max 5 Per WALLET MINT DATE (JAN 26th)

Meta Birds Drop

Many years have passed and humans are fully immersed into the metaverse. Unfortunately, humans have enslaved 10,000 birds in the meta and host the MetaBirds Race within their gladiator arena. MetaBirds are forced to race for their survival and the owner of the bird who wins is rewarded with tokens.