BFF Launches To Help Women, And Non-Binary People Get in on Web3

Now that the evolving wonders of web3 are well underway, an intimidation factor may arise for those ready to dip their toe in the metaverse. However, with such brilliant innovators and insane transactions earning headlines, the movement can be exciting, inspiring, and confusing. 


Social media channels buzzed when prominent entrepreneurs and celebrities started teasing a new collective, inviting the crypto curious to take the plunge into the wonders of our new metaverse. 


Started collaboratively by over 50 inspiring names across all industries, BFF is stepping out as a new decentralized organization to help women and non-binary people get educated, connected and financially rewarded in crypto and web3.  



Founding entrepreneurs Brit Morin and Jamie Schmidt (known for starting innovative companies Brit + Co and Schmidt’s Naturals, respectively) called in some serious star power to back this creative collective. A stellar roster including Gwyneth Paltrow, Mila Kunis, Tyra Banks, Alexa Von Table, Rachel Weiss, Randi Zuckerberg, Rebecca Minkoff and 43 other notable thought leaders. 


Some of the people responsible for groundbreaking web2 platforms are lending a hand to this web3 community. Thought leaders like Sheila Lirio Marcelo of, Jennifer Hyman of Rent the Runway, Lisa Sugar of PopSugar, Julia Haartz of Eventbrite and Christene Barberich of Refinery29 are committing to onboard more into the space. 



BFF, even in name, cleverly denotes its mission of a tight-knit, supportive community of besties helping those underrepresented in the space navigate the ever-changing and often daunting world of the metaverse. 


Males represent 81% of the current participants in web3 happenings. Staggering stats like that are catalyzing BFF to even the playing field. 


It’s clear that the new technologies of web3 are creeping into the mainstream and are set to change the way we work, exchange money and create ownership. BFF offers a welcoming seat at the table, providing the tools needed to participate. 




Launch Celebration


Last week, the BFF community kicked off with BFF Minted, a star-studded virtual summit. Over 5,300 participants ranging from 10 years old to 80 tuned in to take part in the segway into the web3 world. 


Opening remarks by Morin and Schmitd set an approachable tone for viewers ready to hear more. Goop innovator Gwyneth Paltrow even chimed in to encourage those unsure of the space to learn more and reap the benefits of the trailblazing opportunities offered by web3. It was almost surreal seeing the grid of over 50 powerful and inspiring people taking the time to participate in this effort. 


The event continued with many leading members offering helpful lessons from a “crypto 101” level to slightly more complicated blockchain education and the world of NFTs. 


Randi Zuckerberg highlighted NFT collections are making waves supporting women’s education and empowerment. Mila Kunis spoke of her NFT animated short series, Stoner Cats, created by an all-female production company. Francine Ballard spoke of her company Metagolden’s recent drop of Ashley Longshore NFTS and Maliha Abidi shined a light on her Women Rise collection with a powerful philanthropic focus. 


BFF will be elevating more incredible projects with these foundational principles and investing time, money and resources to newcomers who are enticed to contribute. 


The BFF group even hosted an office hours session after the event to help anyone who needed assistance tackling the daunting task of creating a wallet. 



BFF Happenings to Come


Following the successful launch event, the BFF crew airdropped 10,000 tokens to first adopters. The buzzy friendship bracelets are already being picked up on the secondary market for around 1 eth each. 


With announcements of future NFT collections, educational workshops and upcoming events, the BFF Discord channel is abuzz with excitement. 


BFF Members can soak up the perks of an empowering community, including first-hand crypto education opportunities, access to the industry’s leading minds, and earn crypto rewards for active participation. 


If you weren’t ready to dive into the crypto space before, the cohort of actresses, business titans, artists, activists, and founders giving their supporting stake would give you the boost you need to know the metaverse happenings. 

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