Shelly Soneja

Shelly Soneja works as an Art Director for mobile and blockchain games at Altitude Games, where she manages and mentors a team of 10+ artists. Previous professional experience includes being a digital colorist and team leader in an outsourcing art studio where she worked on storyboards and animatics for advertising agencies around the world. For several years, she was also a full-time freelancer handling a variety of projects like comics, illustrations, and video game art. For her personal work, her favorite subject matter is colorful, supernatural women depicted in various themes, moods, and personalities which are influenced by the countless cartoons, comics, and video games that she grew up with. Pre-pandemic, she was active in local comic conventions, releasing and selling various prints and zines of her artworks. Aside from art, she loves to play video games, play the ukulele, and make electronic music.

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