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Bryan is an Award winning multi-media artist who utilizes his career in animation and motion graphics to bring fun and playfulness to his creations.

How do you describe your work?

My artwork is an evolving experiment connected through color. I like to combine animation, design, 3D graphics, and more to convey ideas about myself and my experiences within the cryptoart community. My work is often referred to as “fun” and “witty”, but a lot of the work dives into darker themes like fear, anxiety, and imposter syndrome.

What motivates you to create?

As a teenager, I was creating animations and posting them on websites like Newgrounds. Seeing strangers commenting and reacting to my work created a desire to connect with others through art that continues today. I get such a thrill out of sharing my work, whether in a film festival theater, a traditional art gallery, or digital communities with NFTs, it’s the same fulfillment of seeing something I created eliciting emotion in others.

Who or what inspires you?

Early in my career, I drew a lot of inspiration from Independent animators like Don Hertzeldt, Bill Plympton, Signe Bauman, and others in the animation festival scene. They were a huge inspiration because they showed me that you could make a living creating what you wanted, and didn’t have to compromise your vision. Now I see artists in the NFT community like Sarah Zucker, Matt Kane, Coldie, and Josie as stewards of that same mentality. They all built their success on not just the art but also building the space up with them. I’ve tried to embody that same spirit with my journey.

Has creating NFTs affected your creative process?

I used to create work by digitally printing and building physical works for galleries, NFTs removed the need for that 2nd step, and allowed me to add in animation, and eventually branch into programmable and generative art as well. NFTs have endlessly expanded the sandbox for creativity. 

What is your favorite piece you’ve created and why?
Wired by Bryan Brinkman
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I tend to see “Wired”  as a pivotal NFT piece for me. It was the seed that created a lot of the aesthetics I continue to use. Colors, wires, mixing 3D and 2D, self-reflective, and designing with the frame in mind. When I was asked to create a Nifty Gateway drop months later, this piece was what I built upon, and from there you can see the same look in Nim Buds and more. It was a moment a few months into my cryptoart journey with the experimentation seemed to “click”.


What tools do you like to use?

My main software tool is Adobe After Effects, along with Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and Cinema4D. Recently I’ve been trying to learn some new tools like Substance, Magicavoxel, and Octane Render. Part of what is fun about this NFT space is the software and the platforms continue to evolve, and as more AR and VR applications come, I expect to learn a lot more tools in the next year.



Platforms: SuperRare, NiftyGateway, Foundation



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