Aluna (of AlunaGeorge)’s Goal to Support Black Female Dance Music Artists May Very Well Start In The Metaverse…

Aluna (of AlunaGeorge) is releasing her first NFT this week, launching her first Digital Wearable, and performing in her first Digital Music Festival held by Decentraland this past October 23rd, 2021.  After debuting her first solo album Renaissance this summer, she quickly became a huge success, Aluna just announced her first US/ Canadian Diskotek Tour starting in December.  And she’s got a new song coming out in January, which fans will get exclusive access to via the purchase of her newly designed Digital Headphone NFT.  How did this all come about?  Let’s dive in!  


Aluna immersed herself in the world of NFT’s a little over 6 months ago: 


“The learning curve into the NFT space is steep but at the top you have the thrill of your first NFT drop. My collab with Decentral Games was kicked off with me performing at Decentraland’s Metaverse Festival where people who bought my digital headphone NFT could dance to the set and then enter a VIP Experience area to listen to my new single planned for release in January. If I wasn’t hooked before, I am now!  I already have my next drop planned! I’m looking forward to creating more beautiful collections and supporting others in the space who want diversity to thrive,” – Aluna 


   Feeling the welcoming embrace of the NFT / Metaverse community and discovering all the possibilities while creating her own NFT creates a lot of excitement thinking of all the possibilities for her fans and for supporting fellow black female music artists. 

On the wearables side, Aluna has always designed her own clothing for her performances, so diving into creating digital wearables has been a natural next step for her..  


To create her exclusive NFT, Aluna collaborated with artist Arnj Joe, a 3D animation specialist who has worked on several major motion pictures like Harry Potter, Looper, and Men in Black.  The beautifully crafted pair of digital headphones come complete with Aluna’s poodle logo, gold accents, and are set inside a custom museum quality glass case, a signature piece by Arnj Joe.  If you look closely there are fine details worked into the piece, like fingerprints on the glass case.  The headphones are placed carefully inside, and the whole work spins in 3D so the collector can enjoy all sides of the gorgeous headphones.  The design alone would make anyone want to order a real pair, but for now, the NFT is for sale on Rarible.  But that’s not the only thing you get when you purchase Aluna’s Poodle Squad Headphones!  (Yes, Aluna loves poodles)  You also get exclusive access to Aluna’s new track coming out in January, and early access to all future releases.  The collector also receives access to a VIP channel in Aluna’s discord  where fans can chat directly with Aluna, as well as a Digital Wearable version of the headphones that Joe also created specifically for Decentraland.   


Making a Digital Wearable for the Metaverse was an experience, learning what could and couldn’t quite yet be done.  Creating specific utility for holders of the headphones was important to Aluna in really creating a way to connect with her fans further.  Working with Banquet and Decentral Games, Aluna was able to craft a unique experience for her fans, giving holders of her NFT exclusive access to Amnesia in Decentraland to go listen to her song with other Poodle-Squad NFT holders.  


While performing at Festivals is definitely not a first (Aluna has collaborated with DJ Snake, Skrillex, and Diplo to name a few) this is certainly the first Metaverse Festival at this scale.   And she already sees the possibilities of how she can support other Black female and LGBTQ+ dance music artists using both NFTs and the Metaverse.  “You will see a lot more black women making dance music as people invest in them, and that is why the NFT space is so exciting,” says Aluna.  Aluna eventually would like to create a space in the Metaverse where other Black Female Dance Music artists can perform and collaborate.  Aluna Headlined the Main Evolution Stage at Metaverse Festival 2021 alongside fellow musical icons Deadmau5, 3Lau, and Paris Hilton.  

More info via the links below: 

Aluna’s Discord:

Aluna’s NFT website with all her drops: 

Listen to Twitter Spaces with Aluna and Latasha and Zora this Friday Oct 29 at 2pm!


Photo Credits:  Murphjestic of Decentral Games

Aluna’s Performance on the Evolution Stage in Decentraland right before Deadmau5


Photo credits: Astrid Pilla of NFT Creator Tours

Photo credits: Astrid Pilla of NFT Creator Tours


Close-up of the artwork on the Digital Wearable Headphones created by Arnj Joe:

Photo credits: Astrid Pilla of NFT Creator Tours

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